The 7 routes of Notre-Dame are coming soon

The new pilgrimage of the 7 roads of Notre-Dame, planned to celebrate the end of work on our beautiful Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, will take place in 2024. To keep yourself informed, fill out the dedicated form.

A unique pilgrimage

The 7 routes of Notre-Dame

The 7 Routes of Notre-Dame are a unique pilgrimage in France and throughout France. 7 Routes starting from 7 opposite points in France, under the protection of 7 great saints. And 7 weeks of walking to converge on the beautiful Notre Dame de Paris, on the occasion of its official reopening, almost 5 years after the terrible fire of 2019.

The 7 Routes of Notre Dame aim to awaken and bring to their feet the immense crowd of Catholics living in France – the eldest daughter of the Church.


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