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For the length of time you choose – a short stretch of road or a longer journey – there’s bound to be a road near you: choose your road and your stretch section. Alone or in a group, whatever your faith or state of life, Notre-Dame is calling you. Let’s walk together.

Route details

All the routes start on July 28 from every corner of France and meet up in front of Notre-Dame on September 14, 2024. Each route is under the patronage of a major saint, who will be carried in procession all the way to Paris.

Route Normandie

Saint Michel

Départ Mont-Saint-Michel

Le 28/07/2024

à 09:00

"Saint Michael' is an angel and even an archangel, and considered the most powerful saint. He is often mentioned...

Route Bretagne Sud

Sainte Anne

Départ Quimper

Le 28/07/2024

Wife of Saint Joachim and mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Anne is therefore the grandmother of Jesus Christ....

Route Ouest

Saint Martin

Départ de Saint-Martin-de-Ré

Le 28/07/2024

à 17:05

Why did he cut his coat in half? Saint Martin was born in present-day Hungary in 316. At that time Roman...

Route Sud-Ouest

Saint Jacques

Départ Brive la Gaillarde

Le 28/07/2024

à 09:00

He was the son of Zebedee and brother of Saint John the Evangelist. Saint James the Greater was a fisherman...

Route Sud-Est

Saint Joseph

Départ Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière - Lyon

Le 28/07/2024

à 09:00

Joseph the carpenter, a descendant of King David, knows how to combine woodworking with compass work. He is the husband...

Route Est

Saint Joan of Arc

Départ Sanctuaire du Mont Saint-Odile

Le 28/07/2024

à 09:00

Born in Domrémy, Lorraine, during the Hundred Years' War, when English troops invaded the kingdom of France and the King...

Route Nord

Saint Benoît-Joseph Labre

Départ Boulogne sur Mer

Le 28/07/2024

He is known as "God's wanderer". After several unsuccessful attempts at monastic life, this "Fol-en-Christ", originally from Amettes in the...

Voie Spéciale Ile-de-France

Marian Crown

Départ Nanterre

Le 28/07/2024

à 09:00

This route will circle the suburbs of Paris. The Marian Crown pilgrims will be carrying a statue of Our Lady...


Recommended contribution:



Recommended contribution:


Free of charge

Financial difficulties need not be an obstacle

What is included

The 7 Routes organization is responsible for the supervision and safety of pilgrims throughout the pilgrimage.

Supervision of the walk

Back up cars (available for those who need them on the road)

Itinerary management (route,, signposting)

What you pay for

The 7 Routes organization does not take care of your living costs. Before registering, please remember :

Your food and drink

Your accommodation (we will do our utmost to make camping space available to you)

Your first-aid kit (bandages, blisters plasters, etc.)


Start your pilgrimage at the stage of your choice. To register, please follow the link opposite and fill in the form on Weezevent.


Would you like to volunteer on the 7 routes Notre-Dame pilgrimage? Simply fill in this form with the requested information and we’ll get back to you.